Program Information

Our programs are offered for children ages 3 to Pre-K for the 2017-2018 school year.


  • Preschool 1* (our youngest group; must be potty trained)
    • M-W-F class
    • T-TH class
  • Pre-K1* (our intermediate group)
    • M-W-F class
    • T-TH class
  • Pre-K2 (our oldest group)
    • M thru TH class
    • M thru F class



7:30AM-1:00PM (M-W-F)
7:30AM-12:00PM (T-TH)

Classroom instruction begins at 8:30AM and ends at noon.  Lunch time and enrichment activities are from 12:00-1:00pm on M-W-F.  We provide a nutritious snack mid-morning.  Children staying past noon on M-W-F bring their own lunch.


  • New students……………………$75
  • Returning students……………..$25


Preschool 1 or Pre-K1:

  • 2 days/week (Tues/Thurs): $220/month
  • 3 days/week (Mon/Wed/Fri): $285/month
  • 5 days/week (both classes): $400/month


  • 4 days/week (Mon thru Thurs): $320/month
  • 5 days/week (Mon thru Fri): $400/month

*A 20% discount will be given to siblings within the same family.

Each day the curriculum is presented so each child can experience a wide variety of age-appropriate activities that meet the California State Standards. These activities include the following:

Learning Centers: Children participate in art, dramatic play, sensory stimulation, science and math, problem solving, block building, and fine motor activities. Reading is taught by using Zoo-phonics®, a Multisensory Language Arts program. The principle of Zoo-phonics® maximizes understanding, memory, utilization and transference to all areas of the reading, spelling and writing process in a playful and concrete manner.

Small Group: Children divide into small groups for individual time with their teachers. Fine motor development, auditory discrimination, ability to pay attention, and verbal skills are all areas of concentration.

Snack: Nutritional morning snacks are provided for the children in accordance with the State of California regulations. Children will bring their own sack lunch.

Music: Each classroom introduces new songs and creative movement as well as activities with instruments.

Motor Development: Planned activities are set up on the playground and in the classrooms to stimulate large muscle movement.

Chapel: Bible stories, chapel songs, birthday celebrations, and prayer are all an integral part of this special time.

Outdoor Play: Free play on the playground is a favorite time for many children.

Creative Movement: Large motor activities, often accompanied by music and/or dramatic play, are offered throughout the day.

Sharing: The children are encouraged to bring something of interest on “Share Days” to show the group (i.e leaves, rocks, insects, pictures, books, etc., but it is necessary to exclude valuable or fragile toys, mouth toys, and guns.)